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Writer's Block: Call Me

Do you still use a landline at home, or do you rely completely on your cell phone?

i use both. people call me @ home when they cant find my cell # or if i didnt pick up cell. yuuuuup.

Warped Tour '08 - FTSK review

July 16, 2008

soooo... seeing FTSK @ warped tour was honestly the highlight of my day :] I was running a little late because my friends wanted to stay to see say anything, but i had to drag them out like a song early to get to the Ernie Ball stage on the other side of the venue to see FTSK. when i got there, i saw the boyz backstage chilling w/ some VIP fans. i had chills. bwaahaha this probs sounds so retarded but when i saw them, i got this rush. it was like... seeing barbie live. it's like, sure i've seen 9183741934 vids + pics of these amazing boys, but never in real life you know?

anyways, i shoved thru the crowd to get closer, but i was definitely NOT satisfied w/ where i was at... it was funny when jonathan was all like "hey no fighting" blah blah blah to that girl and told her to leave :] ack and then after they played, i got water and went to stand in line for the ftsk signing but most def arrived too late... so i left and when to the signing tables where i waved to jonathan cuz he was too busy at the time. he looked up, saw me, smiled, and waved back. it made my day :D later on before i left w/ my friends, i found jonathan @ the ftsk merch tent and got his autograph + a pic w/ him. ackkk he's so cute. although, i REALLY REALLY wished i'd met everyone else... oh well there's always next time!



never used this thing beforeeeee! yeah kinda wanted to stop being anon on some things :P 


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